Snakes And Vultures (2011)

by Recreant

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This is a discography of our first year being a band. Tracks 1-5 were recorded Dec. 2011 at Atomic Audio in Tampa, Fl. Tracks 6-15 we recorded at Atomic Audio in May 2011. We hope you enjoy it.


released December 30, 2011

Jesse Beavers - Bass
Tristan Jennings - Drums
Cheddar Kleinheinz - Guitars/Vocals
B. Friesen - Violin/Vocals



all rights reserved


Recreant Tampa, Florida

recreant |ˈrekrēənt| archaic
(noun) a person who is unfaithful to a belief; an apostate.

Cheddar wanted a screamo band, B wanted a grind band, Tristan wanted a crust band, and Jesse wanted a metal band, so we just threw it all together, mixed it with that Florida flavor, our Miami mami Ashley, and made what we like to call swampcore.
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Track Name: Guns 'N' Butta (EJ's Song)
i’m so tired, of recollecting the memories
and trying to sort out what went right and what went wrong. It feels like yesterday we were stackin and mackin. Drinking till the sun comes up, smoke clouds above waiting to pour down rain. These weekends have passed, your lonely cries fallen on deaf ears. I never gave up on you. Friends forever, beyond the end! We've all sat around oblivious too blind to see whats goin’ on with this man right next to me. We can have a clue, we can have an idea, no turning back from this selfish attack. The pain and the horror that you have inflicted, like a snake bound up my breath is constricted. Speechless and shocked I never would of thought. The agony you must’ve felt to put that gun in your mouth. Hey there elijah, these are your friends, the ones who dream of you, think the world of you.
We forgive you, we wont point, we wont fight, or bicker over who killed who. We've learned so much, so much more from you. We’re soppin’ it up, stayin’ straight not givin’ a fuck. I hope you found, found what you were looking for, found the peace in death, that you couldn’t find in life.
Track Name: Don't Kick Guppy
Say you love the breed and you say it’s no matter of greed. Biting the hand that feeds, i’d pay to watch you bleed. She’s devoted to you and you’re sickening.
Bred for hatred, bred to kill, so you can get your sick thrills. Now you can feel what you’ve done, done to this breed. Another day, another dollar. I'd rather sell death, death to humans. So many differences when there is choice. Hear my cry now, hear my voice. You say its just a dog, say it like it isnt shit. I understand that everyone has mouths to feed. At what is this expense? This tyrannical inhumane act. Is it worth the thousands of innocent beings? Breed for the slaughter! An unrehabilitatable state, what more to come at this dying rate? Another innocent creature meets its fate.
It’s not right to take into your hands another life and force feed it your demands. Your loyalty, is irony
if you only knew, what love, what loyalty means.
Track Name: Cop Circus
You parade personal travesties, around like they’re trophies. You lord your power over the poor. It’s a fucking cop circus! No fun, more war! more war! more war! more war! War against invisible criminals. Propaganda gone subliminal. Strategy: break the broken tax the words of the unspoken. Boom proudly bigoted slogans: “Here are the bad guys, beat ‘em for kicks. We got the niggers, the druggies, the spics!”
They shove this shit down our throats from the day we are born so questioning their legitimacy’s ridiculed and scorned. We’re all strung up as puppets on the strings of “justice” they hold. Don't you dare get too smart, don't you dare get too bold. “Heil the WASPs!Heil “normalcy!"Heil corporate thieves!"I want to fly through the air. I want to explode! I'll fly through the air
and take down their tight ropes. We are too dynamic to not voice our say, we are too volatile to live this way!
Track Name: Godless/Boundless
Do you ever curl yourself up into a little ball on your bed? Wrap your arms, up over your head? Do you walk down the street with open eyes wondering if anyone else notices the breeze. And you feel like there’s nobody else, lost in prayer but no one is there. and you feel like there’s nobody else, crying to the sky as you await response. and you feel like there is no god, have i followed this lie my whole life? and you feel like there is no god, no god. Your feelings are valid, your feelings are raw, your feelings are essential. Your feelings are valid, your feelings are raw, your feelings are essential.
There is no god. There is. There is no god. I believe...
I believe that you and I exist and that’s all that there is.
Meaning is in our lungs and our lips in the movement of thought and the spark of our kiss(es) and it couldn’t get better than this.
I couldn’t be better than this.
Track Name: Crawl
It's like i have worms in my head telling me I'm good as dead. It's like they're these words that aren't mine, telling me nothing's fine. I can't fight my mind. I can't fight my mind. I have conquered so much, why is all or nothing, not good enough? Fail or Prevail. Fail or Prevail. Fail or Prevail. I'm doing everything that I can.
Track Name: Intro
Track Name: The Reaper
We lie like snakes up in the grass. There is no world, There are no shapes, We are made of fate. Fate from the start, Fate til the end, We do not break,we only bend. Bending over backwards we walk on feet and hands. fodder -- mower, fodder for the mower. reaper -- sower, you take from the grower. fodder -- mower
fodder for the mower. reaper -- sower
you take from the grower! is this love, or is this fear?
is this war? cuz theres’s no peace here. your fate is not your own until you own it, i’m meant for better! I’m writing a story with no ending it’s eating me inside, it’s
chewing, gnashing, snarling. Fate from the start but this fate I’ll forsake. I refuse to go on go on go on
go on this way!
i am not your servant
i am not your daughter
i am not your mother
i am not like the others
i am not merely fodder
for your arguments, your regrets, your insolence
your violence, cowardice, virulence
for your arguments, your regrets, your insolence
your violence, cowardice, virulence
i am not yours!
Track Name: Frannie Cunt & Freddie Fuck
vacant houses owned by banks, thousands of abandoned building. still people live and die on the streets. no place to live or call their home, then they try to take their streets away. their only haven, i promise it’s not a safe one. people watch and dont give a fuck. without homes you are shit out of luck. you tell them to get a job or a life, but you offer neither. you give tax cuts to these rich fucks. tell me “they create jobs” what a crock! hotel size houses with just one fam.
based on a living wage I wont reach in my life. claim that they’ll help, claim that they care,
they think of us as nothing more than parasites! a home is a human right! “will i make it through the night?” is not a question any person should have to answer to!
Track Name: Time Bomb
fuck time! fuck time! fuck time! fuck time!
today is not enough! today is not enough!
i have this feeling and it's not leaving...
i have so much that i can do, but moments in this world are chewed and spewed;
i have so much that i should learn, but moments in this world are scorned and churned --
into meaningless blurs of words
today is not enough!
Track Name: Lost Soul
all your drugs have a price, but is it more then, the price of your kids? how many "accidents" can you have
before you take responsibility? what will you do when your dope is gone? we know you wont ever see your kids. you'll hightail it straight to your moms and drain her of her last dollar. why have you excluded me from your life? I wonder where's my father? where is he at, where has he gone? hes either dead or behind bars. years go by i havent seen your face. you've disappeared without a trace. I have a family i dont even know. a loving home that you treat like shit! you wont escape from your ways, you'll just find yourself a slave, a slave to your needles, a slave to your booze! try to find an escape before your life wastes away. a slave to drugs destined for death. you robbed me of a culture that i didnt know existed. you robbed me and 2 others of having a father. you robbed us of a family that could of loved each other. you robbed us most of the years we could of spent. years we could of spent the times we could of had. now your six feet under deep into the ground.
Track Name: Attack!
I go - I go - I go
I go - I go - I go
I go - I go - I go
and I’m so
afraid to stop!
Track Name: Baby Cakes
i won’t sit
i won’t stay
hope this all
goes away
i won’t eat
up your lies
i won’t lay
down and die
i will stand
i will scream
til you let
go of me
what you want’s
control of me
over what’s
inside of me
i am free!
this is my body!
leave me be
or reap violence
raping the poor of their will
upping co-pays for the Pill
you have a penis! what do you know?
you fucking assholes!
we are falling
backwards in time
nobody around to catch our fall
times are wasting
we must keep fighting
blasting off like the speed of lightnin
we will
rise up
we must
before its too late
you want this baby?
well, come and get it!
give it a better life than me
you call it murder,
but if it lives, it doesn’t have a chance
you won’t compromise!
you won’t rationalize!
when will you realize
these are OUR lives
Track Name: Raychel's Song
what made this demon, this demon in all of you
where do you get the audacity, to think that is a ok
dont you know that no means no, is it not clear
her silence is golden, now take a fuckin hint! honey, what’s wrong? why are you crying? i told him no, he wouldn’t accept it. how could you let that be? you could have done more. i tried, but i was so scared so i gave in to demand. i’ve never been so uncomfortable. in all my life. what made this demon, this demon in all of you
where do you get the audacity, to think that is a ok
dont you know that no means no, is it not clear
her silence is golden, now get fucking lost! ive had enough, i wouldnt bother showing your face
you may be gone, but the scars you left will never disappear. it kills me to seeyou, to see you so empty. you were always so strong! i can’t believe i took it, i was frozen, didn’t enjoy it. i didn’t even give him the benefit of my touch. i feel so cheap in all that’s lost. he raped away a piece of me. i’m not empty, but i’m not full...i don’t think i’ll ever be whole!
I accept you!
I love you!
I believe you!
Track Name: Community Advancement
never trust anyone where profits can be made. they lie, cheat, and exploit, just to make a fucking buck. they drain out our taxes to fight their wars. they drain out our taxes to lock us in a cage. ive got a bullet for all these crooked pigs. ive got the scope on the billionaire scum. i dont know how much more of this shit i can take. we’ve been pushed for far too long.the black flag will be raised! raised high by the oppressed! how much more will we take? how much more shall we accept?
how much more will we take? how much more shall we accept? I’ll pull out your eyes and bite off your tongue so you can see, so you will listen! its time to say enough is enough! its time to answer their shoves with molotovs and bricks! its time to rebuild the time is now; now! now!