Recreant S​/​T LP (2013)

by Recreant

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Recreant is a 4 piece D.I.Y. Punk band dubbed as "swampcore" from the swamps of the sunshine state Florida. Recreant throws in a violin over sounds of Crust Punk, Emo Violence, Hardcore, Metal, and Post Metal. These recordings were recorded and mixed at The Hold Tight House in Tampa, FL by our good friend Matt Ostraco in November of 2012. Mastered by Justin Arnold at his house aka No Reprieve Records HQ.

Recreant is and always will be:
Babe Friesen - Violin/Vocals
Cheddar Kleinheinz - Guitar/Vocals
Jesse Beavers - Bass
Tristan Jennings - Drums


released December 17, 2012



all rights reserved


Recreant Tampa, Florida

recreant |ˈrekrēənt| archaic
(noun) a person who is unfaithful to a belief; an apostate.

Cheddar wanted a screamo band, B wanted a grind band, Tristan wanted a crust band, and Jesse wanted a metal band, so we just threw it all together, mixed it with that Florida flavor, our Miami mami Ashley, and made what we like to call swampcore.
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Track Name: I - Rick Scott Is An Evil Robot
Your Drug tests are just a war on grass!
Take away our services
Because we wind down with a blunt
think your tests expose addicts
the folks shooting up can still reep benefits
Your war on the poor
takes more and more
whats missing with this shaft
is your fucking head
Have we brought this on ourselves
distilled in a barrel, a barrel of fear
I will shed no tears
If you become a headline found dead
We are Jonah, you’re the whale
I want a fucking light rail!
We can do nothing, but watch you fail
All homes are now a fire sale!
Eyes of glass, a heart of ice
Prey on the poor and paralyzed
Restricting rights for a price
There’s no more playing nice
You call this “business?"
It’s my fucking life!
Take a number and stand. in. line.
See how it feels
See how your “business” is run
when the hospital bed’s filled with someone you love
(you fucking cunt)
We’ll dismantle the machine
that keeps his heart beating
Infect him with empathy
Demand an apology
While that worm’s on his knees
We’ll cut you down
Piss on your policies
Put you on TV
and let your constituency
watch you bleed.
Track Name: II - For All The Grief You've Caused Us You Should Of Slit Our Throats
think you can get away
escape from the pain you've made
your abuse makes me sick
spread your lies, spread them thick
you've made a choice
to fill your body with filth
lie and steal to get what you want
what're you taking us for
I will always love you, but I am losing hope
you're choking
you're dying
we're trying
you're on your last breath
you're choking
you're dying
we're trying
let's put you to the test
you're choking
you're dying
we're trying
your kid is starving
you're choking
you're dying
we're trying
things will never be the same
the same as before
i’ve run out of moral support
for someone who will just resort
to easy outs
to someone’s luck
you’ve turned torrential love into drought
we've done all we can
you're tearing us apart
ripping us limb from limb
our pockets are empty
your veins are full
we're picking up your slack
we won't buy your rapture
not even your daughter
Track Name: III - Galatians 5:14
Thou shalt not Kill
Thou shalt love thy neighbor
Thou shalt not steal
so you start a war
instead of helping the poor
what are you preaching for
Jesus’ Love portrayed
through the eyes of these followers
worship now, repent for your life
what happened to your power to smite
Jesus the drunk
Jesus the gay
your god is love
you judge and hate (2x)
For the whole law’s contained in one word
your neighbor
Love over law and your stupid pharisee bullshit
Track Name: V - Burn (The United States' Economic and Academic Systems Are Systems Of Elitism, Corruption, and Falsehood)
It’s not just infuriating
it’s fucking heartbreaking
a culture of vultures and thieves
becomes the ruling party
United States of plutocracy!
making profits selling intangible assets
A dollar has no value
Beyond what we believe
but it determines masters
and serfs in this plutocracy
I want to bleed
the system of. this. false. belief.
We are trees
our limbs are trembling
from the disease
of black market lending
We trust our educators
to give us truth
but their mouths are stuffed
with dollars
I refuse to adhere
to their irrational fears
i depend not on a system
but on a community
We have more to offer
than a monetary number!
We can be free, from systemic greed
We need to be, independent-minded
Yet know (that) collectively, we are undivided
You’ve had your way
Now it’s our turn:
Track Name: VI - After The Apple
I’m not the blood
I’m not the bread
I’m not the amalgamation
of lies I was fed
I didn’t spit
I didn’t swallow
I took it to the head
and still felt hollow
There was no choice
There was only fear
I had no voice
Nothing was real
There was this mirror I’d look in,
imagine, a world beyond the one I was in
Where I could dance, where I could scream
I didn’t think I had it in me
I had no defense
Limited to access
to vital knowledge
about reality
When I went back
looked in the mirror
I saw her there, like I was near her
Reached out my hand, tried to time travel
Let her know life will unravel, so beautifully.
Track Name: VIII - Modern Day F Word
I can feel it pushing in
The twist of the knife under my skin
I’ve Never felt so jaded towards my peers
this world is fucked and so are we
all these bullshit rants about community
us not having each others back is now news to me
All these dreadful thoughts
pouring out my head
I thought I had something else
this community is dead
false realities
flying from our mouths
is it for comfort
our is our head up our ass?
Your Latterman and Spraynard records don’t mean shit
you grasp nothing that comes out of it
The people of this scene are no different
to these people outside our walls
But yet I still dream of a better place
a true feeling of utopia
I’ll continue to do all I can
I’ll do my best to weave you out
I’ll continue to take care of myself
I’ll be fine in the end, with or without